When Dental X-Rays Are Needed

Your dentist will need to see you at least once a year to perform a cleaning and examine your mouth and teeth to make sure they are healthy. A critical part of this process is getting x-rays performed, which help your dentist get a good look at the structure of your teeth as well as the surrounding tissues that you may not be able to see when performing a typical visual examination of the mouth.

In addition to this, they also help dentists figure out how to treat issues before they worsen, saving you a lot of discomfort, keeping costs low, and preserving your overall health.

What Can X-Rays See?

A dental x ray st louis professionals perform can help them look at numerous things in the mouth, revealing:

·    Areas with decay

·    Decay beneath fillings

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·    Bone loss due to gum disease

·    Changes in root canals or bones due to infections

·    Ways to prepare teeth for implants and other procedures

·    Abscesses in the mouth

When children get x rays, they often are performed to watch out for decay in their teeth, figure out if the mouth has enough space to accommodate growing teeth, and to make sure teeth and gums are developing properly. If there is a problem, children can get treatment to correct the issue and prevent future issues from developing.

Frequency of X Rays

X rays will need to be performed as often as your dentist needs, but most often you will get them once a year at your annual exam. Some individuals may need them more often, though this depends on the procedure being performed, existing dental issues, risk factors, and more.

Dental x rays are standard, so there is nothing to worry about when it comes to visiting your dentist each year.