Tips For Online Banking

Online banking is becoming a major factor in our lives.  When we open an account we can do it online, on a phone or anywhere we have an internet connection.  With this new technology, banks like Columbia Bank Woodbridge and others are working on ways to make the online banking experience much more enjoyable and easy to use.

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The first thing that you need to worry about is your security.  When we use our debit cards on everything from buying gas at the pump to ordering groceries online, we need to make sure that these locations are safe and secure.  One way that we do this is by having encryption on our websites and on our cards themselves.  When you visit a website, you will see a lock in the upper left-hand corner of your website.  If you see this, you can be assured that your site is safe and using third party encryption.

Another way that cards are safe is that they are now using chip technology that needs to be inserted into the credit card terminals.  The reader will read the chip and ensure that it is a valid card.  If the chip wasn’t there, people could use blank cards with stripes to reproduce your credit and debit cards very easily.

Change your pins often

It is a good idea that you change your pin number on your cards on a regular basis.  A good rule of thumb is to do it every ninety days.  This way, you can keep your pin number safe and secure just in case people discover it.  If you are really serious about it, consider changing the pin every thirty days.

Break up your accounts

Another thing that you want to do is break up your accounts.  You want to have one account that you put your money into on a regular basis.  Then you want to have separate accounts for different things.  You want an account for bills, another for fun and another for savings.  This way, you don’t have all of your money in one place and you can better manage and control what comes in and what goes out.