Live Performances Verses Movies

The choices in entertainment are growing larger and larger each and every day.  We have movies, theater, streaming services and so much more.  Some of these include IMAX movies, New York city cabaret, street performers and new options popping up on a daily basis.  With so many versions and variations on entertainment, what is better, live performances or movies?

New York city cabaret

Live performances

When we go to a live performance we are being introduced to an original piece of content.  We are seeing something that has been rehearsed, perfected and prone to unexpected situations.  When we go to a live performance no two will be exactly the same, which makes them very popular.

Movies and pre-recorded content

The next option is to have a movie or other pre-recorded type of content.  When we work with movies we are introduced to a higher level of quality.  We are able to introduce our audiences to more special effects, engage in worlds that can’t possibly exists such as space adventures, roaring dinosaurs and so much more.  When we look at movies, we can watch them as we want, experience them in our own ways and much more.

Streaming content

Streaming content is also becoming popular.  With streaming content, we are now giving the power to content creators.  With sites like YouTube we are now able to take a camera and start recording ourselves doing whatever it is we want.  When it is placed online, millions of people can watch it.  This allows the opportunity for people to become movie stars in their own rights. 

Another positive aspect of streaming content is that we can also make it live content.  Streaming live content is similar to live performances in that no two performances will be the same.  When creating videos however, we can always edit them.

So, which is better?  Well, that is a matter of opinion.  It all comes down to what type of content you want to experience at that moment in time.  Try them all.