4 Tips for Camping in Texas’ Heat

Camping in Texas is a bit different from camping somewhere in the Midwest – the heat can be life-threatening. If you’re planning to go camping near Kemah or anywhere in Texas, it’s important to stay cool and beat the heat. Let’s discuss 5 tips you can use to stay safe and have a good camping experience even when the heat of Texas is at its highest.

Stay Hydrated

Water is the key to keeping your body cool, so stay hydrated by bringing plenty of water bottles, ice packs, and even specialized backpacks that allow you to sip water while hiking or going for long walks. Keep a cooler filled with popsicles, fruits, and refreshing foods.

Camp Near Shade

When doing any kemah camping, set up tents and camp out in shaded areas to avoid overheating. Find a tree that provides plenty of protection from the sun and set up a tent with plenty of ventilation, allowing you to be comfortable throughout the night and day.

Be Prepared

kemah camping

Be prepared for the heat by carrying sunscreen as well as mini fans to help cool your body down and avoid damage from the sun’s rays. You may also consider bringing along a hat or sunglasses, which offer further protection from the sun and can help keep you cool.

Wear Breathable Clothing

The clothing you wear can have a huge impact on your camping experience, so dress wisely. Wear light colors and avoid long sleeves or black, as this can attract and trap heat. Thin clothing and socks are recommended, as these dry quickly. If you’re not going to be walking or hiking, consider wearing sandals or flip flops.

Camping in Texas takes a bit of preparation, but you can have an excellent camping experience and stay cool by staying hydrated, camping near shade, bringing along sunscreen and other items, and wearing the right clothing.